Yellow Cab Company of Kansas City
1300 Lydia
Kansas City, MO 64106
Tel: 816.471.5000
Toll Free: 888.471.6050

For Yellow Cab Reservations call 816.471.5000 or 1.888.471.6050

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Taxicab Top Signs are an excellent advertising medium for reaching your target audience as they arrive, circulate and depart in Kansas City. They’re also a powerful way to generate general city-wide coverage of your campaign or promotion.

As Kansas City’s largest Taxicab Company, the Yellow Cab fleet logged over 13 million miles last year alone. Each taxicab is on the street an average of 16.5 hours per day, making the taxicab fleet extremely visible “mobile billboards.”

Here are just a few of the many Taxi Top Sign benefits:

• 24/7 exposure throughout the metro area.
• Kansas City’s largest Taxicab fleet – 150 signs currently available.
• Very low cost, compared to other outdoor mediums.
• Illuminated top signs reach your audience day and night.
• Top signs are 2 sided extending your exposure to both sides of the street.
• Exclusive Sponsorships enable you to dominate the marketplace.

Rate Structure

10 signs or less:
$150.00 per sign, per month

11-25 signs:

$125.00 per sign, per month

26 or more signs (Exclusive sponsorship):
$100.00 per sign, per month
A three (3) month contract is required. Exclusive sponsorship grants the advertiser the right to be the only business of its type to advertise on the taxicabs.
These costs are net of production. Production costs of signs range from approximately $20.00 to $80.00 per sign. (Production costs are an estimate and may vary).

Please contact Nancy Cipolla at 816-564-3160 or 816-512-5582 to discuss details of your advertising goals in the Kansas City market.

Take the Road to Greater Visibility

Deliver your advertising message to the greatest number of potential customers possible. Taxicab Top Sign give your ad maximum exposure, and put your message in the middle of the action. From crowded sports arenas and stadiums to busy airports, from lively restaurants and hotels through the hustle and bustle of city traffic, Taxicab Top Signs produce thousands of visual impressions each and every day.

Think of Them as "Mobile Billboards"

Taxicab Top Signs provide more impact per image than stationary signage, at a significantly lower cost per impression. These easy to read, backlit signs show up in all the right places.
Taxi Top Advertising

Get More Mileage For Your Advertising Dollar

Compare Results
Stationary Billboards
Mobile Billboards
(based on an average using billboards in 4 major cities)
(100 Taxi Top Signs)
Visual Impressions Per Month
6.04 Million
19.04* Million
Average Time To Read Message
6 Seconds
27** Seconds

*100 cabs x 167 miles per day x 30 day x 328 usual seconds per mile. **Based on following items of vehicles in traffic speeds of 45-55mph. Data complied from research conducted by the American Trucking Association during mid-week in non-rush hour conditions.

Yellow Cab Company

The taxicab fleet traveled over thirteen (13) million miles last year. Each taxicab is on the street an average of 16.6 hours per day. Yellow Cab alone receives over 65,000 calls a month generating over 1,000,000 trips each year.

30% Of these trips:
KCI Airport to Hotels

20% Of these trips:
Hotels to Plaza, Westport, Restaurants, Casinos, Shopping Centers

50% Of these trips:
Routine trips for daily functions, doctors’ appointments, grocery shopping, department stores.

Exclusive Cab Stand Locations:

Hyatt Regency Crown Center, Westin Crown Center, Intercontinental, Hilton President and The Argosy Hotel & Casino. At these locations, we are the exclusive provider for taxicab service. Only Yellow taxicabs are permitted to pick up passengers and park at these locations. Yellow taxicabs are at these locations 24-hours a day. This provides excellent exposure for the advertiser. (Operates 365 days a year).